My Personal Pharmacist

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  • Do you worry about mixing prescription medications with over-the-counter drugs and supplements?
  • Are you struggling with the costs of your medication?
  • Do you worry that you are you putting your health in jeopardy by taking too many medications or not adhering to the recommended medication schedule?

A personal consultation with a pharmacist who can explain your medication plan and answer your specific questions is just a phone call away! My Personal Pharmacist provides peace of mind to know that a medical professional with the current knowledge of the latest drug technologies has reviewed your medications for safety and efficacy, and is available at any time to answer your questions and concerns.

What services are included in My Personal Pharmacist?

My Personal Pharmacist program includes:

  • An introductory phone consultation with pharmacy staff to review your health history and medication profile
  • A Comprehensive Medication Review of your medication profile by a pharmacist
  • A Medication Action Plan completed by a pharmacist following their review of your medications
  • Fax communication with physician and other health care providers alerting them to medication recommendations and/or concerns
  • Follow-up correspondence with a pharmacist to discuss recommendations, questions and concerns regarding the Medication Action Plan
  • Continued access to pharmacists for questions and concerns about your medications, side effects or usage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What is a Comprehensive Medication Review?

Following an assessment of your overall health and medication information, a pharmacist reviews your complete medication profile using their clinical expertise, the latest medication information and customized software to create a personalized Medication Action Plan, which will include recommendations to improve your medication safety and adherence while identifying more cost-effective therapy options, if available.

My Personal Pharmacist’s Comprehensive Medication Review process will evaluate your medication profile for:

  • Potential safety issues, including drug-drug or drug-disease interactions
  • Duplicate drug therapies
  • Drug doses that fall below or exceed the normal therapeutic range
  • Cost-savings opportunities
  • Adherence to national treatment guidelines
  • Opportunities to improve medication adherence
  • Education about medications and/or self-management opportunities for chronic disease conditions

$120 per year

Annual Subscription of $120, charged in quarterly installments of $30 each

Current Subscribers

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Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Find answers to your questions about My Personal Pharmacist on our FAQ page.

My Personal Pharmacist:
Program Costs

Enrollment is $120 per year, payable annually or in quarterly installments of $30. A one-year minimum subscription is required for new patients. Quarterly payments requires a credit card and use of Sun Health’s convenient monthly billing service.

At this time, the Sun Health Medication Management Program is not covered by health insurance.